Microprocessor PID controller OMEGA-5k

Microprocessor PID controller OMEGA-5k
  •     Five-positional cascade PID controller
  •     Multicomponent control
  •     Four arbitrarily configurable alarms
  •     Direct / reverse control
  •     Motor drives control
  •     Manual / Automatic mode
  •     Autotuning
  •     Easy to use
  •     Reliability
  •     Indication of measured value and setpoint
  •     2 x universal analog input (accuracy 0.5%)
  •     1 x potentiometer input
  •     4 x relay output
  •     1 x continuous output
  •     RS-485 MODBUS
  •     Multiple DIN sizes
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OMEGA-5k a microprocessor PID controller with the possibility of monitoring and control limit values ​​of physical quantities. Scope extends to the very wide range: processing of glass, plastics, ceramics, chemical industry, food industry, boiler production, mechanical engineering, the technique of heating and cooling, air conditioning and various other industries.

Controller has a dual universal analog input (software configurable) that supports all thermocouples included by ITS-90 standard, the standard current and voltage signals, and Pt100 temperature sensors. It also has a special analog input for reading the present position of the motor drive  (potentiometer feedback).
As an outputs there are four relay outputs which can arbitrarily defined action (eg. does on individual relay acts alarm1, or PID, or alarm3, ...). As an option there is a continuous output (standard current or voltage signal). Continuous output can be assigned to the measurand or regulation size.

With the automatic mode there is manual mode in which the user defines the arbitrary action of is currently output, etc. the position of EMC drives.

The display is constructed with two LED displays with 4 digits to display the process (measured) values ​​and default values. Besides the processed and default values there is the possibility of informative display of regulatory size (a few seconds, after which the display returns to the process value). Parameter setting device is done via the keypad on the front panel.

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